Plaza de Cort, where HOTEL MAMÁ is located, is Km. 0 in the city of Palma, and it is the best place where you can discover all the interesting corners and the historical monuments of the city, for sure.

The Cathedral of Palma is less than five minutes away walking, same for the relaxing “Parc de la Mar”, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Palma de Mallorca, or the Palace of L'Almudaina, which origins date back to the 10th century.


Plaza Cort

Palma de Mallorca


During the day you can enjoy a thrilling experience at Plaza de Cort, it is a place filled with light and a very nice environment to visit. Tourists and locals enjoy the sunny terraces, which are packed of people having a good coffee or just tasting the amazing Mediterranean food. Everything starts at Plaza de Cort.




Surrounding the Hotel, you can find the Jaime III Street, the San Miguel Street or “Paseo del Borne”, which are the main shopping areas of the city. If are you interested in finding any particular shop or product, our reception team will help you, guiding you to meet your needs.


When the night falls at Plaza de Cort, you will be able to experience a magical transformation, offering you a pleasant and relaxed place to discover. The terrace or the central patio of the HOTEL MAMÁ, provides the best music and service, and are perfect to have a cocktail, a romantic dinner or just to check with your family.
If Palma has a heart, it is surely located at Plaza de Cort, exactly in HOTEL MAMÁ.

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