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Aitana’s Suite

The Mallorcan Palaces are a must stop on any walk through the old town of Palma: old noble houses that have been maintained until today to the delight of passers-by and visitors who walk the streets of the city.

The breadth and beauty of these houses have served as inspiration for this design suite care through its large windows opening into the historic Plaza de Cort. Located on the noble floor of the building, it also has a traditional Mallorcan conservatory restored that makes this space the ideal blend of past and modern. Fresh paintings and delicate pastel fabrics surround the guest during their stay and make their way through this Hotel a unique experience.

To complete the romantic atmosphere of this suite, the bathroom is built with natural stones, marbles and handmade materials, and includes a separate bath and shower with which to choose the best way to cool off: a revitalizing break or a well-deserved relaxing bath.

58 m2 / 625 sq. ft.

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